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The magnificent quality of the wines from Gouguenheim belies somewhat the prosaic functionality of the winery itself. Rarely will you find a more humble or down to earth source of excellence; there is no pomp here, no frills, and that’s probably one of the reasons the wines represent such amazing value for money – all of the company’s energies are channeled into winemaking, pure and simple. As you wander round the winery, good old, tried and tested methods are very much in evidence; testament to the simplicity that is key here. These wines are also 100% clean as the proverbial whistle and thoroughly modern in their flavour profiles, and there is plenty of varietal character to boot. Small wonder, then, that Gouguenheim is our fastest growing wine range.

Gouguenheim winery is set close to the foothills of the Andes in Tupungato, in the Uco Valley south of Mendoza city. This is a fantastic, late-ripening region so grapes can be left to ripen fully before harvest. Unique sandy soils and a day and night temperature difference of up to 35 degrees, and an average of 320 days sunshine each year, all converge to make these wines the wonders that they are. Oh, did we mention altitude? 1000+ M.A.S.L.


“Got my wine today, thanks very much for the great wine, quick email responses and friendly attitude. Very impressed overall and I hope to return and buy more from you in the future!”
Ollie, Hungerford

“Hi there, I just wanted to leave some feedback. After someone, who shall remain nameless, downed our bottle of La Poderosa (which we were saving for our anniversary), my fiance and I embarked on a mission to try and find the elusive 2006 reserve. No luck with anyone on the high street, not even the big wine warehouses. Then I came across your site. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw you had it in stock. The delivery was super quick and the bottle is now stored away safely until November the 18th. Thank you for a fabulous service!”
Stephanie, London

“Great quality and very good value – very pleased.”
Victoria, Hove

“Really good, personal service, everything arrived when it was supposed to and the wines were superb. I will use AWOL again.”
John, London

“I wasn’t quite sure which wines to buy so I gave them a call and picked their brains. Brilliant, friendly service all round, I can recommend it.”
Simon, East Sussex

“At last, a company that understands wine from Argentina, how good it is and why it should have its own special place online. Well done.”
David, East Kilbride

“It’s nice to find a company that’s as enthusiastic about wine as I am.”
Michelle, Shropshire

“I didn’t know there was so much choice available from Argentina. I’ll still buy wines from other countries but this is now my first port of call for Argentina.”
Gavin, Lancashire

“The wonders of the modern age.... Would you believe I am currently on a Delta airways flight using WiFi currently over Lake Erie flying from New York to Salt Lake City and I have just ordered a mixed case of wine from AWOL....!”
Paul, London
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